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2021/07/14 相川 勇輔(三菱電機株式会社 / JST ACT-X)

2021/06/02 Mriganka Mandal (Kyushu University)
Applications of Algebra in Secure One-to-Many Data Transmissions

2019/08/08 Quoc Huy Le (Kyushu University)
A Blind Ring Signature Based on SIS Problem

2019/08/08 Yasuhiko Ikematsu (Kyushu University)
Public Key Cryptosystems using Multivariate Polynomials

2019/08/05 Soonhak Kwon (Sungkyunkwan University)
Survey on the links between Kloosterman sums, Walsh transforms and elliptic curves over finite fields

2019/07/23 Yuntao Wang(東京大学)
An introduction to a lattice-based key exchange protocol and its cryptanalysis

2019/07/04 工藤 桃成(神戸市立工業高等専門学校)

2019/07/04 坂田 康亮(横浜国立大学)

2017/10/27 Tristan Vaccon (Universite de Limoges, France)
固有多項式のp進精度 (p-adic precision of the characteristic polynomial)

2017/05/26 Takuya Hayashi (Kobe Univ./NICT)
Privacy preserving data mining via homomorphic encryption

2017/04/28 Yacheng Wang (Kyushu University)
Two Polynomial-Time Attacks on CUOV Signature Scheme

2017/02/13 Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)
Optimizing multiplications with vector instructions

2017/02/03 Huifang Yu (Qinghai Normal University, China)
Low-computation and secure certificateless hybrid signcryption scheme

2016/11/18 Shinya Okumura (ISIT)
An Estimate of the Complexity of the Section Finding Problem on Algebraic Surfaces

2016/11/11 Ye Yuan (Kyushu University)
Efficient implementation of Lattice-based encryption scheme on multiple platforms

2016/10/14 Partha Sarathi Roy (Kyushu University)
Secret Sharing Schemes with Honest Majority

2016/7/5 Tristan Vaccon (Rikkyo University)
p-adic precision and isogenies computation, application to cryptography

2016/6/28 Momonari Kudo (Kyushu University)
Practical Analysis of Key Recovery Attack against Search-LWE Problem

2016/5/17 Yuntao Wang (Kyushu University)
Improved Progressive BKZ Algorithms and their Precise Cost Estimation by Sharp Simulator

2016/4/26 Chi Cheng (Kyushu University)
A Lightweight Authenticated Communication Scheme for Smart Grid

2016/3/30 Chen-Mou Cheng (National Taiwan University)
Solving the "CS" challenge with miniGB

2016/3/22 Kirill Morozov (IMI)
Recent Results on Code-Based Cryptographic Protocols

2016/1/8 Taechan Kim (NTT Secure Platform Laboratories)
Extended Tower Number Field Sieve

2015/12/4 Ji Jian Chin (Multimedia University, Malaysia)
Reset-Secure Identity-Based Identification Schemes without Parings

2015/11/6 Dieter Gollmann (Hamburg University of Technology)
Public-Key Cryptography Without Public-Key Infrastructures?

2015/9/14 Albrecht Petzoldt(Kyushu University)
Design Principles for HFEv- based Multivariate Signature Schemes

2015/9/14 縫田光司(AIST,JST PRESTO)
(Batch) Fully Homomorphic Encryption over Integers for Non-Binary Message Spaces, and Related Combinatorial Problem on Polynomials

2015/9/14 Tadanori Teruya (AIST)
On Limitations and Alternatives of Privacy-Preserving Cryptographic Protocols for Genomic Data

2015/9/14 Kenji Kashiwabara (University of Tokyo)
An SVP algorithm by improving the RSR algorithm

2015/7/6 Jintai Ding (Cincinnati Univerasity)
The beauty and the Beasts

2015/7/6 Jintai Ding (Cincinnati Univerasity)
(Authenticated) Key Exchange from (Ring) LWE

2015/6/12 Yvo Desmedt (University of Texas at Dallas)
VSS with a Non-Interactive Dealer using Optimal Randomness and Optimal Number of Rounds.

2015/6/5 Binanda Sengupta (Indian Statistical Institute)
An Introduction to Proofs of Retrievability

2015/5/1 安田雅哉(九大IMI)
Introduction to homomorphic encryption and its applications 

2015/4/17 奥村伸也(九大IMI)
A Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Diophantine Equations of Degree Increasing Type