Dominik Wrazidlo's Research Papers

Published papers (refereed)

  1. D.J. Wrazidlo, Singular patterns of generic maps of surfaces with boundary into the plane [pdf], to appear: Proceedings of FJV2018 Kagoshima.
  2. D.J. Wrazidlo, Standard special generic maps of homotopy spheres into Euclidean spaces, Topology Appl. 234 (2018), 348‒358.
    (preprint available at arXiv:1707.08646)
  3. M.T. Plate, D.J. Wrazidlo, Auf Napoleons Spur, Junge Wissenschaft 89 (2011), 16‒22.
    (English title: On Napoleon's trail)


  1. D.J. Wrazidlo, Cusp cobordism group of Morse functions [pdf], preprint.
  2. D.J. Wrazidlo, A fundamental class for intersection spaces of depth one Witt spaces [pdf], preprint.
  3. D.J. Wrazidlo, Bordism of constrained Morse functions [pdf], preprint.
  4. D.J. Wrazidlo, Time-interacting fields and actions in positive topological field theories, in preparation.

Other Published Papers (unrefereed)

  1. D.J. Wrazidlo, Cutting and pasting of Morse functions [pdf], to appear in: RIMS Kôkyûroku,
    Proceedings of the RIMS workshop "Research on topology and differential geometry using singularity theory of differentiable maps".
  2. D.J. Wrazidlo, Detecting exotic spheres via fold maps [pdf], RIMS Kôkyûroku 2085 (2018),
    Proceedings of the RIMS workshop "Local and global study of singularity theory of differentiable maps".

Academic Theses

  1. D.J. Wrazidlo, Fold maps and positive topological quantum field theories, urn:nbn:de:bsz:16-heidok-232530, Ph.D. thesis, Heidelberg, 2017.
  2. D.J. Wrazidlo, Induced maps between intersection spaces, urn:nbn:de:bsz:16-heidok-232706, Master's thesis, Heidelberg, 2013.
  3. D.J. Wrazidlo, The Kähler Relations, Bachelor's thesis, Heidelberg, 2011.