Graduated students and Visitors

Former Ph.D students(Thesis)
2018 Cid Reyes Bustos Study on the spectrum of the asymmetric quantum Rabi model
2017 Hiroto Inoue A symmetric subdomain contained in a berof the Siegel upper half space
2014 Genki Shibukawa Unitary transformations and multivariate special orthogonal polynomials
2010 Mitsugu Mera A q-analogue of Hecke’s theory and the zeros of a q-zeta function
2008 Yoshinori Yamasaki q-Analogues of zeta functions and their integral representations
2007 Sho Matsumoto Hypoerdeterminants and hyperfaffians: applications to Schur and Jack functions
2006 Tetsuya Momotani Higher Zeta Functions and Regularized Products
2005 Yasufumi Hashimoto Arithmetic expressions of Selberg's zeta functions for congruence subgroups
2003 Kazufumi Kimoto Zeta functions and Laplacians of infinite symmetric groups
2001 Kazuko Konno On the unitary dual of p-adic UE/F(5)

JST/CREST Researcher
Nguyen Thi Hoai Linh Numerical study on the spectre of the quantum Rabi model
Cid Reyes Bustos Study on the spectre on the quantum Rabi model and number theory

Postdoctoral Researcher
Hiroto Inoue Representation theory, Harmonic Analysis and Number Theory

Daniel Braak Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research 2015 Fall / 2016 Spring , Summer /2017/2018 Quantum Optics
M.J.Shai Haran Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) 2005 Fall-2006 Winter/2016 Spring Number Theory, Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry
Alberto Parmeggiani University of Bologna 2006 Fall Partial Differential Equation, Symplectic Geometry
Jacques Faraut Universitat Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) 2007 Fall Harmonic Analysis, Representation Theory
Gerrit van Dijk Leiden University 2008 Spring Representation Theory
Mihai Ciucu Indiana University 2009 Spring-Summer Combinatorics, Statistical Physics
Ivan Izmestiev Technical University of Berlin 2009 Spring-Summer Discrete Differential Geometry
Gerrit van Dijk Leiden University 2011 Spring Representation Theory
Jacques Faraut Universitat Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) 2011 Winter Harmonic Analysis
Monique Chyba The University of Hawaii at Manoa 2011 Winter Geometric Control Theory
Roger Howe Yale University 2012 Spring Representation Theory
Toh Kim-Chuan National University of Singapore 2012 Spring Optimization Theor
Soo Teck Lee National University of Singapore 2012 Fall/2015 Winter Representation Theory
Watson J Hosking IBM T. J. Watson Research Center 2012 Fall Statistics
Konrad Polthier Freie Universitat Berlin 2012 Fall Discrete differential geometry and its applications
Evgeny Verbitskiy Leiden University 2013 Fall/2015 Spring Ergodic Theory