Recently, the importance of programming and implementing some mathematical theorems and theories with programming languages and/or numerical or symbolic computation system, such as C, JAVA, Mathematica and MATLAB has been increasing in mathematics as well. It leads not only to returning mathematical theories to the society, but also to visualizing and obtaining a deeper understanding of them, which makes more developments possible.

This poster session offers an opportunity to the students and young researchers who develop and/or use such software. Presentation of the research or study of mathematics with them will do. As we mention below, students and young researchers can ask useful advice in this poster session.

Supervisors of the participants may regard this poster session as interim results of the thesis and study. In case you have students qualified for this opportunity, we'd appreciate if you encourage them.

To attend this poster session will give you a lot of useful advice and it helps you advance your research. Also it improves your skills to explain your research. We hope your participation.


  • 29th July, 2013 (13:30 ~ 16:20)
  • We made two groups A and B. See this page for the detail.
  • Timetable of Group A is 13:30~14:50
  • Timetable of Group B is 15:00~16:20

    Any participant is welcome


    Lecture Room L3, Faculty of Mathematics, Ito Campus, Kyushu University

  • The style is poster session. Presenter prepares posters whose size are A1, A0 or 6~8 papers with A4. We prepare one projector for one presenter. Presenter can use it for showing your slides and/or demo etc.
  • This poster session is based on poster session "数学ソフトウェア紹介", which was organized on 26 Jan. 2013. This web page has some photographs of the poster session.

    You bring a (laptop) computer by yourself


 See this page.

Call for Presenters(Closed)

 In order to present a poster, presenters must send to lasm@imi.kyushu-u.ac.jp the following information, by 12th July, 2013.

  1. Name, affiliation, e-mail address
  2. Title of your presenattion
  3. Abstract of your presentation with 200 words
  4. If you have documents where the details of your presentation are described, send them at the submission.